Skin care mistakes that make you look older

  Not washing you face before bed Leaving dirt, sweat, dust, bacteria and make-up on when you go to bed will irritate your skin and lead to enlarged pores, acne and red spots. Be sure to clean with appropriate products, do not use harsh commercial soaps. Keep no-rinse face wipes next to your bed for […]

Say no to insect spray

Many people tend to reach for insect spray upon sighting a bug in their house, be it a cockroach, a spider, ants or other critters. But here is the catch, if it is harmful to insects, it is also harmful to humans and our pets.   A study conducted by the institute of Development Research […]

Apple cider vinegar: A cure for all

The ancient Greek physician Hypocrates, who is known as the father of modern medicine, considered Apple cider vinegar with honey to be a cure for all. There are so many amazing uses for it and I strongly recommend having some daily for overall health. A note to make is that there is a filtered apple […]